Automated Crypto and Forex Trading!

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Seamless Investments

ICB is an automated trading platform to invest without a hassle.

Pre-set Rules

Enter or exit trades with pre-set parameters for your positions.

Market Indicators

Mark out new possibilities and analyse trends with market indicators.

Automate your Crypto and Forex trades on ICB.

Market Access

Access the global markets with an account tailored to your needs.

Trade Signals

Track signals via the trading bots to start and stop your trades.

Algorithmic Trading

Institutional-grade trading technology backing all automated crypto and forex trades.

Secure Trades

Data encryption secures your crypto and forex trades on the platform.

Our Exclusive Services Tailored For Your Projects

Trading Bots

Trading bots trade both in crypto and forex markets.

Smart Tools

Automation tools to help enjoy crypto and forex trades.

Advanced Interface

Track and manage all your trades from one location.

24/7 Support

Crypto and forex trade support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Instant Transactions

Clear & transparent system and process transactions instantly.

Multiple Pairs

Diversified trade pairs to multiply your earning opportunities.


We are a global community of crypto enthusiasts.

We lead a community of traders sharing tips on automated trading and encouraging better trading.

Our sole purpose is to promote crypto and forex trades.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for the community.

Our vision is to act as a bridge to connect crypto communities.

Select your plan to start trading.

Best automated crypto and forex trading plans with pre-set trade strategies.

Trade Crypto & Forex in three simple steps!


Account Creation

Register to create a trading account for fast and secure trading.


Account Funding

Fund your trading account through a wide range of funding methods.


Start Trading

Initiate your trades on your account using varied trading instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

ICB is a automated crypto and forex trading platform helping you manage your trades across many different exchanges from one awesome interface. The platform empowers you with trading bots to execute your trading strategy 24/7 to make your trades even more profitable.

Simply signup on the platform and enter all your personal details to create a trading account. Verify your credentials and your account following the instructions. On matching and validating the credentials your account will be created on the platform. You are ready to go!

We will be having a large crypto community in the upcoming future. But till that time, feel free to get in touch via this email: [email protected]

Automated trading can be the right option for you if you’re looking for a method to trade according to predefined parameters. For traders wanting a low-maintenance trading strategy that relies on advanced technology, automated trading can be an apt solution.

Opting for automated crypto and forex trades can be the best way to trade if you plan on doing anything other than buying and holding. The bots are always on standby and they can execute your strategy 24/7 so you are not busy with your trades manually. Automated trading further allows you to preset buying the lows and selling the highs when the market is dynamic.
Portfolio Tracker

Track the balances automatically by connecting to your exchange.

Encrypted Trading

Trade data is encrypted with the most secure protocols applicable.

Trade Notifications

Get real-time trade updates for all the important events in the markets.

Trade Analytics

ICB’s dashboards show you exactly how your trades are performing.

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